Thank you for visiting the Marcelo Garcia Jiu-Jitsu Association of Connecticut! We are located in Bridgeport, CT and we are easily accessible to students who live in both Fairfield and New Haven county. We offer some of the highest quality Brazilian jiu-jitsu training around from our head instructor Joao Luz. All belts and all fitness levels are always welcome to visit, so come and join our family today!

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Lolo is back with another simple but efficient move, stemming from the deep dlr hook when the opponent attempts to backstep over and re-center themselves. She takes advantage and continues to spin and wind up in a basic sweep with both legs and hips controlled. De la Riva -> Deep DLR -> Spin through controlling both ankles -> Triple Sweep. ... See MoreSee Less

Our junior athlete Lucas demonstrating his favorite takedown taking advantage of the Gi grips with two variations on the finish and immediately passing after. Collar grip -> Shoot the Single -> Takedown -> Knee Cut -> Side Control -> Mount ... See MoreSee Less

A hometown favorite of Professor Joao. Always available transition from half when your opponent tries to frame to create space after you got the underhook. Half guard -> Butterfly > Cross Grip Sleeve -> Hook Sweep. ... See MoreSee Less

One of our long term youth athletes showing a nice progression of a fundamental movement in jiujitsu, the hip bump. HB drill -> HB to Mount -> HB to Kimura -> HB to Triangle ... See MoreSee Less

Instructor Ricardo shows some variations from the cross collar & cross sleeve grips. great way to break your opponent down in closed guard and attack a submission or sweep. ... See MoreSee Less


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Miriam Tarazona

Junior Instructor Katarina showing one of her favorite entries into a sweep. Butterfly -> X Guard -> Sweep backwards -> Double unders -> Stack pass -> Smash into side control. ... See MoreSee Less


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Lina M Muñoz-Cadavid Amiga para que Samuelito vea !!!